Videos of the conference

From today on, we will start publishing videos of the conference. The first is the greeting speech by Günther Saathoff, CEO of the Foundation Erinnerung Verantwortung Zukunft

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Nothing new here

There will be no new content posted here. All posts and comments were migrated to the conference organizers’ main news page, Please check there for news, comment and research about the conference’s topic.

Thank you all again for attendance, help, money, critical thoughts and coffee.

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Some visual impressions from the conference

This gallery contains 16 photos.

All fotos (c) Siegurd Seifert

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Link zum heutigen Livestream:

Beginn 9.30:

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Hier der Link zum heutigen Livestream

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Der Link zum Livestream heute:

Programmbeginn um 10.00!

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Link zum Livestream

Der Livestream ist für heute beendet -morgen geht es weiter!
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Unfaithful to the oath

The film about the the polish psychiatrist Dr. Karol Mikulski, which was posted a few days ago here, provoced a fierce reaction by our speaker Artur Hojan. He wrote an article responding to film, in which he challenges presumptions and conclusions drawn in the film. We are glad to be able to present it here, it was also published on Mr. Hojan’s blog and on the gedenkort-t4 blog. We invite you to discuss the matter by using the comment function.

Artur Hojan: Unfaithful to the oath

In the last few months a Warsaw group of intellectuals and journalists, associated with the conservative right wing, represented mainly by the Society of Teologia Polityczna, are trying to rewrite the history of the Nazi euthanasia programme in occupied Poland. Dr. Magdalena Gawin and others believe that the fundamental difference between  the „Aktion T4” in the Third Reich and the killing of mentally ill people in occupied Poland is that Polish psychiatrists were against this murderous program and tried to save their patients. In order to keep up historical accuracy, it is necessary to refute the view of the Warsaw group before it becomes orthodoxy in Poland.

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End of registration

Election night crowd, Wellington, 1931   Flickr - Fotosharing!-223310

There ain’t no room big enough! We are terribly sorry, but we have to close registration, as we are running out of space. We are working hastily to establish a livestream of the conference, so be sure to check back at January 28th.



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Wir schliessen die Anmeldung für deutsche Teilnehmer. Für Teilnehmer aus dem EU-Ausland ist eine Registrierung weiterhin möglich, einige wenige Plätze sind noch frei. Vielen Dankfür das überwältigende Interesse. Wir hätten auch gern noch mehr Interessierten die Teilnahme ermöglicht, aber mehr Belegung als wir schon haben verträgt unser Konferenzsaal beim besten Willen nicht mehr.

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