Monday, 28.1.2013 at Kleisthaus, Mauerstr. 53, 10117 Berlin

12:00               Admission, Registration

13:00-13:15     Conference opening (Presentation Stefan Schenck)

Patron Hubert Hüppe  Federal Government’s Commissioner for Matters relating to  Disabled Persons

Prof. Barbara John  Chairwoman Paritätische Charity Institution Berlin

Günter Saathoff  Chair of the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”


13:15-13:45           Dr. Christoph Kopke (Berlin) 

                                 Nazi-„Euthanasia“ in Europe – an overview

13:45-14:15           Prof. Dr. Stefanie Endlich (Berlin):

Rememberung Nazi-„Euthanasia“

13:45-14:00           Uwe Neumärker (Berlin)

Nazi-“Euthanasia“ –The European Perspective of Remembrance

Coffee break

15:00-15:30           Mark Zaurov (Hamburg) and Helmut Vogel (Frankfurt a.M.):

Deaf, Deaf Jews and the Nazi-“Euthanasia”

15:30-16:00    Michal Simunek (Prague/CZ): Murders of patients on the territory of

today’s Czech Republic

16:00-16:45     Artur Hojan (Koscian/PL) und Cameron Munro (GB)

Nazi-„Euthanasia“ in occupied Poland

16:45 -18:30    Film „Szpital Przemienienia“ (Hospital of the Transfiguration)

Kornel Miglus (Berlin) : Introduction to the film

Get-together at the Foyer of the Kleisthaus

Tuesday 29.1. 2013 at Kleisthaus, Mauerstr. 53, 10117 Berlin

9:30                 Admission

10:00-10:30           Margret Hamm (Frankfurt)

The struggle for the victims’ recognition and recompensation

10:30-11:30     Presentation of awards of the  competition„andersARTig gedenken!“

Dr. Wolfgang ThierseVice President of Deutscher Bundestag

Presentation of two special and three main awards to the winners

Presentation: Anne-Christin Plate

11:30-12:15           The design competition for the memorial at  Tiergartenstr. 4

Ralf Sroka (Berlin) – Presentation of the winning design

Ursula Wilms (Berlin, Aachen) – Winner of the design competition


14:00-14:30    Robert Parzer (Berlin): How the internet, facebook and twitter change remeberance

14:30-15:30     Bernhard Selting (Moos): Reading of an excerpt of „Betriebsausflug in die Gaskammer“ [Staff outing to the gas chamber]

Coffee break

16:00-16:30     Dr. Uta George (Bad Homburg): Work at memorial sites for people with disabilities

16:30-17:00    Jana Hoeftmann and Enrico Schaffrath, Capito (Berlin): Why difficult, if easy is possible? Texts about Nazi-„euthanasia“ in Easy Language

17:00-17:30     Helmut Vogel (Frankfurt/Main) and  Mark Zaurov (Hamburg): The video in sign language about the Action T4


Optional:    Dinner at a restaurant near the Kleisthaus


 Wednesday 30.1.2013 at Kleisthaus, Mauerstr. 53, 10117 Berlin


9:00                 Admission

9:30-10:15      PD Dr. Gerrit Hohendorf (Munich): The murder of patients in the occupied Sowjet Union and the remembrance of the crimes.

10:15-10:45     Marcin Pryt (Lodz): Initiative for the remembrance of the murdered patients of the Kochanówka-Hospital

10:45-12:15           „What is the European perspective of Remembrance?“

Panel discussion with Prof. Dr. Stefanie Endlich (Berlin/ D), Artur Hojan

(Koscian/PL), Michael Simunek (Praha/ CZ), Robert Parzer (Berlin/ D)

Lunch (Conversion of the Conference room)

13:30               Admission to the official commemorative ceremony

14:00               Official commemorative ceremony of the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Matters relating to Disabled Persons Hubert Hüppe.

Walk or transport to the Memorial site at the historical Tiergartenstraße 4 behind the Philharmony (10785 Berlin)

15:15               Wreath laying ceremony


20:00               Attendance of the premiere of the play: „Verflucht das Herz“ (Germany only)

Location: inklusive Theatre Thikwa, Fidicinstr. 40, Berlin-Kreuzberg


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